Here we see Jennifer with her grandchildren, from left to right: Ajanee, Autumn, Aubrey, and Asean.

Welcome to
Love You More Seamoss

Where everyone is family. The company was built by a family in New York, whose roots spring from the island of Barbados. Together as a family, you succeed more, and you achieve more.
Love You More Seamoss was created as an extension of Anything4JC, which was dedicated to my mother, Jennifer, who loved and believed in everyone’s dreams and aspirations. Her love is what our company is built on, and we continue to spread that love with our products.
We are all about loving and growing and offer something for everyone in each family. Our brand features naturally flavored sea moss gel and raw sea moss. We hope you and your family find something you love with our products. Each item has been made with love from our family to yours

Meet the Creator Danielle Corbin

Danielle is a Bajan American, Brooklyn (E.N.Y) native, who is an author, entrepreneur, and teacher of 6th Grade Science & Urban Gardening in the Bronx. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Childhood Education.
Growing up in a community and encountering many students during her adult teaching, who have struggled or fallen through the cracks with many tools they could have learned in Elementary to High School has driven her love for aiding and developing children.
These encounters, as well as noticing the lack of empathy and socio-emotional learning in children from their home and school environments has motivated her to want to teach and provide students with the tools they need in the future.
Her mission is to make the connection between everything children learn and how it applies to the real world.
Danielle combined her passions for urban gardening, mindfulness, and empowering the youth to create MSYMP, The Mindfulness & S.T.E.A.M Youth Mentorship Program (MSYMP) whose programs are dedicated to assisting youths in expanding their growth and understanding of self and their communities.
She brings her stories to life in and outside of the classroom.


She is a partner of the I Am A Mini Entrepreneur series/brand and Lead of the new sister series/brand of Ms. Belladonna’s Lab.
Her character Ms. Belladonna who was featured in the I Am A Mini Entrepreneur series is the main character and head of her very own series and brand, Ms. Belladonna’s Lab, which follows the life of the spunky science teacher we all know and love.